valentine’s day, what kind of couple are you?

A handbook witty and funny

 In this little book, that you can read and taste in less than an hour – which is very important in these hectic times – Stefania Romito, the author, and Isabella Ferrante, the cartoonist, were able to categorize, with an extraordinary conciseness and clarity, the various types of couple in modern society.

It is impossible not to identify with at least one of the couple presented in this funny handbook: the jock and the redone woman, the young girl and grandpa. Without overload the reading of the following pages to attributing social meanings that would be out of place, there is no doubt that the two authors were able to isolate, with lightness and irony, some characters of contemporary society. As much as the world and society can change, mutual attraction is the constant feature of human beings and we hope that it will always be. So, why not look at it through the lens of play and lightness to learn which are our defects and how to correct them?

Nothing can hurt, in fact, to be willing to laugh at ourselves, and browsing these pages the best result that you will get will be to find yourself in one of the descriptions and laugh at this together with your partner.

A small, great cure against sadness and pessimism.

Stefano Massaron