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The silence of Nyamata , 10 April 1994

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Photograph: The silence of Nyamata , 10 April 1994 book cover. Photo credit: Ludovica Iaccino

Through the story of Caritas, a beautiful Tutsi girl, and her life in the village of Nyamata, the author Ludovica Iaccino a reporter for International Business Times, leads the readers through the events that culminated in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Conducting extensive research in order to collect facts and shed light on one of the worst massacres of modern history, her passion for reporting about Africa, with a focus on human rights in lived through this book, of truth and fictional romantic twists.

Ludovica tells iEcoAfrica:

I was about 18 when I started writing this book and what prompted me to embark on this adventure, was the fact that I had been completely unaware of the Rwandan genocide, until stumbling on an internet page. I soon realised that like me, many others also did not know about it.

This genocide is one of the worst massacres to occur in modern history and one of the most underreported. For this reason, I felt the urge to let the world know and speak for those who cannot reach western media.

The character of Caritas is completely fictional, I tried to imagine a normal girl who discovers love for the first time. I tried to create characters who could perfectly fit in any scenario and the more their stories intertwine and progress, the more the genocide threatens their lives.

Even if only one person completely unaware of the genocide happens to read my book, then I can consider my job done. The main aim of this story is to teach others that genocides still occur and they all deserve the same attention.

I hope people can understand the immensity of what happened, I hope they can realise how much people suffered, I also hope readers will keep Caritas in their hearts forever and look at life in a different way, because one day, maybe, we could be in the same situation as her. However, the story will not continue as the end I chose for the book was, according to my opinion, perfect.

Here is the link to preview and purchase the book

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